Elevation Living
Elevation Living Magazine is a free magazine focused on connecting all seven Cliffs communities with features ranging from community events to car clubs, to recipes, or to volunteer work.  
If you are a resident, you can subscribe and get a print edition of the magazine delivered to your local mailbox. To subscribe, contact Robert Smith at robert.smith@n2pub.com or 843-560-6278 or contact elevationlivingmagazine@gmail.com
Online Version of Elevation Living Magazine
If you don't have a local address, then you will not receive a print edition of Elevation Living. 
To access the online versions of the magazine click:  
To read about our own Jack and Bobbie Lewis, in the May 2019 issue, Click Here!
*Don’t forget about finding their Birdie in every Elevation Living publication starting with the March, 2019, issue. Find Birdie and you will enter a chance to win a prize.* (details are in the Elevation Living publication)
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 For more questions or info feel free to contact:
Robert Smith- Area Director/Publisher
Lauren Tackett- Event Coordinator