KV Fire District
Vineyards Fire Department Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, August 13
Vineyards Clubhouse
5 to 6 PM
Chief Phil Black will be describing how your fire department handles a wide variety of emergency responses such as fire, medical, motor vehicle accidents, search & rescue and water emergency response. 
Station manpower (paid personnel and volunteer), training and fire apparatus will be discussed. This session will also cover how the emergency helicopter service works and who pays for it.
Learn how your department is well prepared to respond to the needs of our community.  Please plan to attend this informative presentation.
Thank You!   Fire Engine Replacement Proposal Approved on March 11th
The Vineyards Fire Board wants to say THANK YOU for the strong and positive response to the petition on replacing one of our fire engines. We received a total of 261 signed petitions which represents 60% of  the full and part time home owners inside the gates. The petitions were presented to the Council which was impressed by the strong response from our community. After further discussion and responding to their questions at a couple of meetings, 100% of the Councilman voted to replace one of our 15 year old fire engines. In addition, our Councilman, Mr. Wes Hendricks, was a strong advocate on the council in getting this approved.
Questions? Please contact any of the following individuals on the Keowee Vineyards Fire Board:
  Rocky Odman,  864-868-9159
  Bob Giblin, 864-868-0601
  Dave Sargent, 978-265-4015
  Dave Benton, 864-868-6695
  Lynn Howard, 770-329-2189
To learn more about the proposal and the details of the petition, please CLICK HERE.
The Vineyards community maintains a close relationship with The Vineyards Fire Department.  Although the Vineyards Fire Department is one of 13 fire districts in Pickens County, we count ourselves very fortunate to have a wonderful group of fire fighters stationed right outside our main gate.
The Fire Department is located at:
111 Granny Gear Rd,
Sunset, SC
Fire Chief:  Mr. Phil Black
The Falls North area is serviced by the Salem Fire Department:
115 E Main St,
Salem, SC 29676
KV Fire District - Community Leader:
Bob Giblin rghoosierdaddy@gmail.com
The fire departments encourage the use of Knox Boxes.  Residents should contact their local fire department (KV Fire District or Salem Fire District) to order one.  A Knox-Box, known officially as the Knox Rapid Entry System, is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for fire departments, emergency medical services, and sometimes police to retrieve in emergency situations