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South Carolina Covid Data and Information
South Carolina DHEC provides weekly Covid data updates.  The updates and links to the South Carolina DHEC website can be found on this page in the blue box "Covid-19 Info & Data";  
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POA Business Manager:   Kristi Bishop  864-313-8309   poa@vineyardsconnections.com
Homeowners, Architects, Builders and Contractors:
Remodeling, new construction or landscaping?  Access the guidelines, applications and submit your request or plans online:  CLICK HERE.
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Community Alerts
5/9 - 5/11
Please be aware that a roadside crew using the "long arm" mower will be operating on Cleo Chapman Hwy Monday-Wednesday, 5/9-5/11.  The mower and crew, by necessity, will be partially in the road.
Click National Weather Service Alerts for up to date information for the Greenville-Spartanburg area.
To Report a Hazard
Covid-19 Info & Data
South Carolina Covid-19
Data and Information
Reported by SCDHEC May 11
Data for 5/1-5/7
DHEC posts updates once a week on Tuesdays (for the prior week's data)
Pickens County Cases:
46,111 +107 for 5/1-5/7
Zip Code 29685:  data is no longer updated; 369 as of 4/10/22
Oconee County Cases:
24,348 +55 for 6/1-5/7
Zip Code 29676: data is no longer updated; 1,134 as of 4/10/22
For Details Click on the Following:
Order Free Covid Tests - one order per address
Emergency and Security Contacts
All Emergencies:  
Call 9-1-1
If using a CELL PHONE, you must identify the street address, the Vineyards  and the county:
Pickens or Oconee
Key Contacts:
Vineyards Gate House
Vineyards Mobile Security
(if on patrol)
Falls South Gatehouse
for access to Falls North
Dispatch - Pickens County
Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff
Oconee County Sherriff's Dept 864-944-6060
Vineyards Fire District
Falls North Fire District -
Salem Fire &Rescue
Duke - Power Outage
Gate Access
Property Owners:  Please Click Guest Access Here to schedule your guests / vendors and notify the Vineyards Main Gatehouse in advance of their arrival.   
Or call  Vineyards Gatehouse at 864-868-5022
Visitors:  To gain access, you will need to go to the Keowee Vineyards Main gate or Falls South Main Gate.  See Map at the bottom of the home page on this website for location.
Emergency Evacuation
In the event of an Evacuation Order, communication would utilize
"Code Red" messaging. 
Evacuation Orders are coordinated by state and county command centers.
More about Emergency Alerts and registering for "Code Red"
Grapevine News
Boxes needed
Posted on May 14th, 2022
Eagle Ridge School is closing at the end of this school year as well as Grace’s Closet located within.   The Falls CRO has been supporting this school and needs boxes to pack up the "Closet" next week. If you have any you can donate, please call or email Colleen Delahunty and she will pick them up.  Her details follow: colleendel@comcast.net, 815-621-5210.
McKinney Chapel Celebration
Posted on May 14th, 2022
The McKinney Chapel Preservation Committee invites you to the chapel on May 14 at 1pm.  Local naturalist and historian Dennis Chastain will take you on an amazing slideshow journey highlighting the history of our beloved chapel and its surroundings, followed by light refreshments.  For more information on the event and donations click here.
Volunteers needed for Salem Library’s Summer Reading program
Posted on May 14th, 2022
The Falls CRO is sponsoring the Salem Library’s Summer Reading program, providing funding for supplies and books for the 4 reading activity programs in June and July. This program is targeted towards elementary aged children, and will take place at the Community Center, next door to the Salem Library.  We are looking for a few volunteers to help Kayla Rucker (Salem Library) and the kids with the craft project for each week’s program.
May Elevation Living Available
Posted on Apr 29th, 2022
The May digital edition of May Elevation Living is available (Click Here).  The print edition will be in local mailboxes soon.
This edition features our own Char and Jim Burgner!
Reminder: Construction & Your Safety
Posted on Apr 29th, 2022
We have a large number of houses under construction in the Vineyards and Falls North.  While it is natural to be curious about the houses being built around you, it can also be dangerous.  Builders and owners are increasingly concerned about residents touring or checking out the progress of their projects.  This is a liability risk for them should someone accidentally be injured on the construction site.  Please refrain from entering any construction sites unless you have been invited by the builder or property owner.  Thank you.
McKinney Chapel Celebration
Posted on Apr 27th, 2022
The McKinney Chapel Preservation committee invites you to the chapel on May 14 at 1 pm.  Local naturalist and historian Dennis Chastain will take you on an amazing slideshow journey highlighting the history of our beloved chapel and its surroundings, followed by light refreshments. For more information on the event and to donate click here.
Bear Aware!
Posted on Apr 20th, 2022
The Black Bears are active and looking for an easy meal!  There are reports of bears across The Vineyards getting into garages and garbage.  Bird Feeders, Garbage, Grills, Beehives and Pet Food are just some of their easy targets.  Do not leave ANY garbage outside. Ask any workers or contractors to not leave any food waste on your property, including dumpsters.  Every single household must be diligent otherwise the black bear(s) will find a reason to stay in the area.  AND protect your pets.  Be very cautious letting your pets out at night as startling a bear or their cubs can result in serious injuries to your pets.  Recently a curious bear on Teaberry managed to push down the lever handle on a door into a garage and help itself to the garbage.  If you have a bear sighting or encounter, please report it to the SC DNR HERE.  This helps the SCDNR continually assess the situation in our area.  Keep reading for tips and to see recent resident videos of bears visiting Vineyards properties, porches and upper decks...
Save the Date - All Golfers
Posted on Mar 25th, 2022
Save the date for the Annual FCA Golf Tournament at the Southern Oaks Golf Club. It will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2022.
New SC Wake Board Restrictions
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2022
Gov. McMcaster has signed into law a new bill that increases the distance to 200' between a wake surf and a dock, moored boat or person in the water and to 100' between a boat operating above "no wake" speed and a dock (i.e. in excess of idle speed) and to 50' between a boat operating above "no wake" speed and a moored, anchored vessel or person in the water.  To learn more:
Kamp Keowee Planning Meetings
Posted on Jan 12th, 2022
Please join the Kamp Keowee planning committee as they prepare for Kamp Safari this summer. The next meeting will be on May 17 at 4 PM, at the Vineyards Clubhouse in the Private Dining Room. The planning committee will meet each 3rd Tuesday of the month until June at the same place and time. Volunteers are NEEDED!!  For more information Click Here  To see what fun is in store for a Safari Kamper click here.
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The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards is nestled along the northern shores of pristine Lake Keowee at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Vineyards offers the perfect combination of mountain-lake living. Jocassee Gorges, with its numerous waterfall hikes and stunning lake, borders our community to the north while the 23-mile long Lake Keowee on the south offers all the advantages of lake living. Discover why our members have chosen to call this home.

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