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Community Alerts
Beginning Monday, September 11th, four sections of roads in Falls North and Keowee Vineyards will be undergoing repaving:  
Falls North:
1. Meganser Way & Osprey Ct.
Keowee Vineyards:
2. Wood Sage Ct. & Passion Flower Way 
3. Dwarf Iris Way & Indian Pink Lane
4. Pitcher Plant Lane, Pixie Moss Way and Hedge Nettle Ct.
Each section is estimated to take 3-5 days.
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To Report a Hazard
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Pickens or Oconee
Key Contacts:
Vineyards Gate House
Vineyards Mobile Security
(if on patrol)
Falls South Gatehouse
for access to Falls North
Dispatch - Pickens County
Police, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff
Oconee County Sherriff's Dept 864-944-6060
Vineyards Fire District
Falls North Fire District -
Salem Fire &Rescue
Duke - Power Outage
Gate Access
Property Owners:  Please Click Guest Access Here to schedule your guests / vendors and notify the Vineyards Main Gatehouse in advance of their arrival.   
Or call  Vineyards Gatehouse at 864-868-5022
Visitors:  To gain access, you will need to go to the Keowee Vineyards Main gate or Falls South Main Gate.  See Map at the bottom of the home page on this website for location.
Emergency Evacuation
In the event of an Evacuation Order, communication would utilize
"Code Red" messaging. 
Evacuation Orders are coordinated by state and county command centers.
More about Emergency Alerts and registering for "Code Red"
Grapevine News
Kamp Keowee
Posted on Sep 15th, 2023
The theme for Kamp Keowee in 2024 will be Superheroes.  Dates are: June 23-27.
Road Repaving
Posted on Sep 11th, 2023
Beginning Monday, September 11th, four sections of roads in Falls North and Keowee Vineyards will be undergoing repaving.  The process is expected to take 3-5 days per section to complete and property owners on those roads have been notified of the plan and the schedule.  Each section will be milled completely, graded, and tested before paving.
The roads being repaved and the planned sequence are Section 1 - Falls North, Merganser Way and Osprey Ct.  In Keowee Vineyards they are Section 2 - Wood Sage Ct. and Passion Flower Way; Section 3 - Dwarf Iris and Indian Pink Lane; Section 4 - Pitcher Plant Lane, Pixie Moss Way and Hedge Nettle Ct.
Posted on Sep 11th, 2023
Please say hello and welcome your new neighbors:
As of 8/24/23 
Scott and Micki Koppelman 
311 Eastatoe Parkway, EP14 (lot) 
As of 8/25/23 
Robert Parrott 
265 Jocassee Point Road, FNJ20 (lot)
Stroll Magazine Digital Edition
Posted on Sep 5th, 2023
The digital edition of Stroll Magazine is now available - Click Here.  The print edition will be in local mailboxes soon.
Culvert Repair
Posted on Aug 1st, 2023
Dear KVCA Members:
One of the POA’s largest cost centers is the maintenance of community roads and culverts. The roads within the Vineyards, Eastatoe Park , and Falls North extend over 30 miles and are private and primarily owned and maintained by the POA. Our community was formed more than 26 years ago and many of our roads were in place prior to the formation of the POA. To ensure we have a safe environment, detailed studies of our roads and related infrastructure are performed to assess their condition. These studies guide repair or repaving when necessary or advisable. For example, in 2020 the POA spent over $1 Million to repave Cleo Chapman Hwy, which is the major artery into the Vineyards.  Following an assessment of the culverts in our community, which are also the responsibility of the POA, we discovered two culverts in need of replacement. Attached are pictures from recent culvert repairs on Summer Sweet Trail (Vineyard Park) and underneath Cleo Chapman near the entrance drive to the Lake House. The Summer Sweet Trail project was a total culvert collapse that required extensive heavy equipment work.  To Read the Full Report click Read More.
Be Bear Aware
Posted on Jun 17th, 2023
We have lots of reports of bear and cub sightings across the Vineyards, Eastatoe and Falls North.  While the cubs are indeed cute, an encounter can be dangerouse.  Please remember to keep garbage, bird feeders etc. in your garage. it is also important to remind any  contractors working on your property to not leave food waste in dumpsters or on the property.  Bears are always looking for an easy meal and if they find it in your yard they will be visiting you often! If you are walking, be alert and don't forget to look up as mama bears send their cubs up into trees at the first sign of danger.  For more information Click here  To view a video of our Mama Bear and 5 cubs on the 9th Hole, Vineyards Golf Course, June 2023 Click Here
Save-the-Date for Family Promise
Posted on Mar 1st, 2023
Barn, Boots and Brew fundraiser for Family Promise will return again in 2023. Mark your calendars now for September 26, 2023!
REMINDER: New SC Wake Board Restrictions
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2022
In 2022, South Carolina passed a new law that increases the distance to 200' between a wake surf and a dock, moored boat or person in the water and to 100' between a boat operating above "no wake" speed and a dock (i.e. in excess of idle speed) and to 50' between a boat operating above "no wake" speed and a moored, anchored vessel or person in the water.  To learn more:
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The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards is nestled along the northern shores of pristine Lake Keowee at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Vineyards offers the perfect combination of mountain-lake living. Jocassee Gorges, with its numerous waterfall hikes and stunning lake, borders our community to the north while the 23-mile long Lake Keowee on the south offers all the advantages of lake living. Discover why our members have chosen to call this home.

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