Architectural Review Process
Property Owners, Architects, Builders & Contractors
The Architectural Review Board (ARB) endeavors to assist our property owners in maximizing the beauty, value and enjoyment of their property while also insuring their plans comply with the Keowee Vineyards Design Guidelines.  The Design Guidelines were established to protect the beauty of the Vineyards and Falls North for all property owners.  The property owner should access the Application Package and Design Guidelines to become familiar with the requirements and restrictions before submitting the Application Package for new construction.  
Existing Homes
Whether you just purchased your home or have lived in the community for 10 years, you should be aware of the Design Guidelines that apply to your property. If you are thinking of exterior renovations such as changing paint colors, cutting trees or modifying landscape, adding a fire pit or replacing the roof, these and other common property maintenance/improvement projects are addressed in the Guidelines. Please check the links below. To start the review process for your project, complete the ARB Approval Request Form (on the right).  
Lot Owners Wishing to Maintain Their Lot
The Design Guidelines address tree clearing and shore stabilization. See the relevant guidelines below. To start the review process for your project, complete the ARB Approval Request Form (on the right). 
New Construction
To start the process for new construction, please submit the ARB Approval Request Form (on right).  This will open a file for your project and all future documents will be attached to it.  It also gives our ARB a “heads up” that more is coming, so they can begin to plan ahead.  Not all projects will require all the elements of the Application Package and not all projects will require a Review Board Meeting. 
Application Package (must complete and submit with final construction plans)
Schedule of Fees (must submit fees with above Application Package)
Landscape Guidelines (includes existing home landscape modifications)
View Window-Vacant Lot Cleaning Guidelines (includes existing homes and vacant lots)
Architectural Review Process Summary (new construction only):
1.  Sketch Review (required)
This review should be conducted at the very early design stage.   The initial architectural sketch or rendering is sufficient  (Sketch Review Form).
  • Avoids the property owner incurring unnecessary costs in developing a design that would not be considered compatible in the Community and improves the design in the context of the site and existing topography.
  • Serves as early confirmation between the architect and property owner that they have a shared vision of the property owner's desired design.
2.  Preliminary Review (optional, but strongly recommended)
This review should be conducted when preliminary drawings are complete. 
  • In order to fully benefit from this review process it is highly recommended that the preliminary review be completed PRIOR TO THE INITIATION OF CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS.
  • Due to the expense of construction drawings, this step potentially would save the property owner the expense of modifying or making unusable costly construction drawings.
3. Final Review (required) 
See specifics in the Design Guidelines
4. Landscape Review (required) Landscape Review Guidelines.
Please submit your plans online using the form above. 
  1. Simply Click on ARB Approval Request to fill out the form and attach your documents.  
  2. Once your form is submitted, it will be routed to the ARB Board and POA Business Manager.  
  3. If an ARB Board Review meeting is required to review and approve your plans, then the POA Business Manager will contact you.   Thank you!