Oconee Volunteer Opportunities
The Falls North section of the Vineyards Community Association is in Oconee County.  Some of the property owners have chosen to support Oconee County volunteer and service initiatives.  Here are some of the service opportunities the Falls North residents are involved with and contacts if you would like to join them.

Collins Children’s Home

Collins Children’s Home 
This 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in Oconee County  provides a residential home for children between the ages of birth and 21, who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or are otherwise unable to live with their families.  The Home was started by a local couple in 1977 and serves children in the community based on their needs, not their family’s ability to pay.
Support includes:
  • Keowee Falls Book Club collecting new books each year to give to the children as Christmas presents
  • Sponsoring a child for Christmas to fill their “wish list.”
  • Volunteers working with the children directly (tutoring, cooking, etc.) 
  • Fundraising events
  • Working at their thrift store
Collins Children’s Home is a truly special place that cares for and nurtures the children for as long as they need.
For more information, contact Cathy O’Brien at obgrant@aol.com

CRO: Cliffs Resident Outreach - Keowee Falls (Oconee County)

Cliffs Resident Outreach - Keowee Falls
Since 2007, The Cliffs Residents Outreach (CRO), a 501(c)3, nonprofit corporation, has been committed to the mission of “Providing resources to regional children that promote opportunities for lifelong success.”  Each Cliffs community has it's own CRO focused on the children in their broader community.  In total there are five CRO's - Valley/Mt. Park, Vineyards, Springs, Falls and Glassy.   Cliffs Resident Outreach-Keowee Falls supports the children of Oconee County with education, health and wellness aid.  
To volunteer or learn more about Cliffs Resident Outreach - Falls, click CRO-Keowee Falls

Holiday “Angel Tree”

Angel Tree in Oconee County
Residents of Keowee Falls North support the Angel Tree Program in Oconee County, benefiting children from Tamassee-Salem Elementary School and the NEXT School Eagle Ridge in Salem.   This program is sponsored by the CRO-Keowee Falls for children in Oconee County.
For more information, please contact Susan Smith rssmith5517@gmail.com