Emergency Evacuation & Code Red Notifications
Emergency Evacuation
Certain emergency situations could result in a community evacuation order that would be coordinated by state and county command centers.   For the Vineyards and Falls North, triggering events could be wildfires, storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, dam failure or nuclear power facility malfunctions.   Although the probability of such an event may be low, it nonetheless warrants preparation.  In 2016 evacuations were ordered near Table Rock State Park due to wildfires, although none of the evacuation orders affected Vineyards or Falls north residents.
In the event of an Evacuation Order, protocols are in place to notify residents with instructions on timing, staging areas and shelter facilities.  Communication of such an order would utilize "Code Red" messaging, television, radio, fire department and sheriff department personnel.  "Code Red" is a procedure where businesses and residents would receive a phone call from the command center with instructions to evacuate.
For "Code Red" messaging, all land-line phone numbers should already be registered in the county databases.  However, we recommend you also register your cell phone numbers, voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) and email addresses.   This will insure you are notified if you area away from your home.  Be sure to register unlisted  numbers.
To register or to check that your phone is listed, go to the following Pickens or Oconee County websites:
Pickens County Public Safety
Oconee County:
Oconee County Emergency Services
Code Red Alerts - Information & Registration
If you have any questions, please call Phil Black at the Vineyards Fire Department, 864-868-6767
Alternate Evacuation Route (if Roy F. Jones Hwy is closed)
  • After exiting the Vineyards gate: 
    • Stay on Cleo Chapman Hwy (approximately 6 miles).  To stay on Cleo Chapman turn LEFT before the Fire Department
    • Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 178, Moorefield Memorial Hwy, for 1.7 miles to the intersection with Hwy 11
  • After exiting the Eastatoe gate:
    • Turn LEFT onto Roy F. Jones
    • Veer RIGHT onto Cleo Chapman Hwy,  (Fire Department will ahead and on the left).   Stay on Cleo Chapman approximate 6 miles.
    • Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 178, Moorefield Memorial Hwy, for 1.7 miles to the intersection with Hwy 11